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Comprehensive Healthcare Designed Specifically for Women.

Rambam Family Health provides a comprehensive, top-quality array of health care designed for women to achieve their best level of health. Rambam’s Women’s Health /Gynecology Department, working in tandem with Rambam’s internal medicine and specialty care departments, is dedicated to delivering competent, sensitive care tailored to your specific and unique needs, with extensive gynecology services to support the health of women across their lifespan. Gynecology, primary and specialty care for women at Rambam Family Health includes general gynecology, reproductive health, family planning, perimenopause and menopause concerns, breast and pelvic health, and more.

Our experienced gynecology team provides preventative and ongoing health care, including:

Rambam Family Health’s Women’s Health /Gynecology Department focuses on all needs and all stages of a woman’s life and is designed to educate and empower women to be in control of their own health. We give each patient personalized attention so that we can understand your goals and values. Our job is to make you feel comfortable and supported.

  • Gynecology Well and Sick Visits: Routine well visits with our providers are central to good health for women. Rambam Family Health’s gynecology team offers comprehensive examinations, addressing all concerns and providing personalized care. Additionally, if patients experience unusual or concerning symptoms or conditions requiring medical attention, the Rambam women’s health team is available to diagnose and treat with expertise and sensitivity.
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning: Rambam Family Health’s gynecology team understands that reproductive and sexual health is highly personal and unique to the women who are our patients. Our team is here to provide you with comforting and caring support, along with highly skilled medical care. We are passionate about supporting our patients’ individual goals and achieving optimum health. Above all, we aim to provide comprehensive information and guidance about reproductive health and family planning options (ranging from starting and building a family or planning contraception) so that the women who are our patients can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
  • Pelvic Exams: Regular pelvic exams are essential for early detection of issues that arise and for dealing with age-related issues.
  • Breast Exams: Our skilled Rambam Family Health providers focus on screening and prevention and ensuring overall gynecological well-being.
  • Cancer Screening: Cancer screenings are vital for detecting gynecological cancers early on when they are most treatable. Rambam Family Health offers a wide range of screenings and relevant tests. Comprehensive cancer screenings are central to safeguarding women’s health.
  • Referrals: Rambam Family Health has a network of trusted specialists in various specialty fields to whom we can refer you if you require specialized gynecological care or emergency care not provided at Rambam. We’ll help you connect with an appropriate specialist or emergency care provider and will then collaborate closely with these providers to ensure that you receive the best possible care and follow-up, that all records and treatment are coordinated, and that your continuity of care continues in a seamless manner.

Hear From Our Patients

"If I could give 5000 stars, I would. Very professional staff. From the registrants till the doctors. What touched me very much is that the doctor who has seen my both boys even followed up after picking up the prescribed medicines and instructed more to make sure to use the right dose on their time to take. " Jamshid M

"It was my son’s first time there and he was reluctant to go in. A liaison helped guide him into the therapy room. After finally meeting with his therapist, he left with toys saying he wants to go back every week. He asked if he can go every day!! I was impressed" Alison A

"Great staff. PA Weingarten is caring, professional and knowledgeable. Front desk staff courteous and helpful. Ms. Platniksuper efficient, skilled and made me feel confident in the center's medical team as she asked relevant questions to get expert medical advice." D'vora K

"I have never had such a pleasant experience at any other facility. Dr. Lipshitz and the PAs acted with good cheer, not just as clinicians." Eli C.

"Excellent doctors...and staff are so kind and caring. So glad to finally feel happy with such great quality of care." Patricia T.

"Everything under one roof, courteous staff was very professional. Bruce Lish was wonderful & took his time explaining all about my possible denture procedures that will be coming up. All in all, the place to go for all your medical procedures." John T.

"Dr. Lifshitz is very kind, patient and competent. The staff are super-helpful as well. I highly recommend Rambam Health!" AJ R.

"Very clean, accommodating and the examination was thorough! Staff was professional and caring. I never had a better experience. I felt respected as a mom and I appreciate that! Thank you!!" Denise V.

"Great doctors!! I walked in and was able to be seen right away. Very thorough and caring. Environment clean and inviting." Gitty K.

"Staff is friendly, helpful, and well-trained. Office is attractive, large, and comfortable. Appointments are on time with little to no waiting. Dr. Lifschitz is superlative!" Baruch S.

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